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State’s 4th Pillar and Chai Wala.

State’s 4th Pillar and Chai Wala.


Excellent photography abilities of Jiah Ali, an Islamabad local made all hell break loose when she posted a photo of this Chaiwala who was “brewing more than a cup of tea” as per a neighborhood daily paper. Arshad Khan, A kid of 18 born in Mardan, at present living in Islamabad to look for bread and butter by making tea got to be viral in Pakistan as well as all around the world. Notwithstanding of the considerable number of pressures amongst India and Pakistan, the neighboring nation approached in valuing this person via social networking media and also news channels and daily papers calling him “The beauty of South Asia”. Not long after his photo was known  Arshad Khan got an outright tempest of acclaim overnight, on Facebook and Twitter as well as on colossal media clubs like CNN, BBC, Fox, Al Jazeera, and so on. #ChaiWala happened to be the top twitter trend for nearly a week in Asia, Europe and a few sections of America too.


As Arshad was being commended, individuals from Afghanistan began claiming him to be Afghan based and began relating him with National Geographic’s Afghan girl alluding to Afghan beauty being phenomenal. As Arshad was on his initial move towards achievement, he got an offer to act as a leading male actor in Pakistani film directed by the popular Syed Noor. Besides that Arshad was welcomed on various channels to sit and have a talk with them in morning and evening shows respectively. A modeling agency claimed to begin a modeling contract with him and he was further told to be found in fashion weeks held in various significant urban communities of Pakistan.

However Arshad has been seen different times at evening appears on changed channels discussing tea making and his 17 siblings, morning shows from the previous week began welcoming him as a visitor as well. We as a whole know media ethics are almost nullified in this contemporary period, ARY welcomed him as a visitor in their morning show to by one means or another embarrass and spook him. We should begin with his entrance where the host of the morning show tosses a similar question he had been responding in due order regarding various times, “How would you feel subsequent to getting this consideration and distinction?” Moreover he was requested to change his dress to a Coat suit took after by a Sherwani in the wake of getting a makeover (cosmetics and haircut) to do an ramp walk with two ladies attempting to hold his hand and attempting to put their arms on his shoulder that made him somewhat uncomfortable. In addition the fashionable and well talked host of the show didn’t generally know his name since she was calling him “Chai Wala” almost all through the show yet it doesn’t stop here. They had a setup of a Chai hotel in a side of the show where she welcomed Arshad to come and make tea for each visitor sitting there that made him feel humiliated and he began looking in changed bearings.

Arshad is only 18 years old and he never confronted such a variety of individuals ever. This mind-boggling reaction from the media is not productive for the psychology and state of mind of this young man. The distinction he has become everywhere throughout the world must not be taken contrarily by our own particular media. All they ought to think about are the sentiments and feelings of individuals and not the TRPs and the laud they’ll get. We didn’t yet forget a news correspondent laying down in Edhi Saheb’s grave for the rating and neither did we overlook a journalist undermining a youngster to sob before the camera as a result of the passing of his mom. Our media as well as the citizen too ought to act develop and dependable in drawing out a positive picture of Pakistan and the people dwelling inside its limits.

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“These four years were dark and full of terrors however I had news in my veins running close by my blood so I simply continued onward” said Sultan while explaining his period in Waqt News on this warm and dry October evening

Abdullah Sultan, matured 27 was born in a widely educated family in Lahore, Punjab. He sought after his essential and optional instruction from Lahore. Sultan’s life took a lofty yet an energizing turn when one day his teachers were chasing ability for a debate competition in the school and he without intuition some other time raised his arm to come in the rundown of members. His folks and grandparents satisfied their most extreme obligations by furnishing him with all the sharp consideration and bolster which brought about an unmatched win in the level headed discussion rivalry while he was in the sixth standard. As time passed, the discourse conveyance and the decision of vocabulary Sultan had turned out to be polished to the point that he spoke to his school in an interschool debate championship and got a silver while he was in seventh standard. By standard ninth, Sultan’s family and his instructors realized that his claim to fame was the words leaving his mouth and thus, he began off with open level headed discussions in Punjab and other real urban areas.

Sultan took a deep breath and proceeded with, “I recall! It was autumn of 2008 when agents from City 42 came to our college for a tryout. I was really apprehensive at start seeing my companions talk before the camera. I stood entirely for a minute, made myself retain confidence in my capacities and began speaking with my eyes straight in that 35mm camera lens.” Sultan then called the waiter of the eatery and requested Tarragon Chicken with less spice alongside a Pina Colada. “I got a call from their association after like a week!” he exclaimed. Two months in the wake of serving as a news caster, Sultan got an offer from Waqt News that was relatively fabulous. He concurred and began being broadcasting at evening space.

As months passed, Sultan urged to join another substance that will lead him above and beyond in his vocation. He sent his resume to every one of the media houses and anticipated a reaction. A long time passed and he got none calls so he chose to go for a radio show each night after his day of work hours in Waqt Tv. “All I pondered was getting my hair dim working for this association as it were. My routine was tough to the point that I didn’t have sufficient energy to say greetings to my family and I thought I’ll simply wind up in corporate or banking.” Sultan took the last sip of his Pina Colada and stayed noiseless for few moments as though he was battling with something in his brain. “I was absolutely broken till one day while I opened Facebook application in my phone; I found another message appearing from an obscure. She asserted that she was a delegate from Samaa Tv and she require my number since they like the way I convey phrases. I didn’t accept what she expressed however edginess for a change made me write my number in answer.” he proceeded.

“The offer was so genuine and Samaa needed to designate me as their news caster however I needed to leave the place where I grew up in a week to begin living in Karachi since Samaa had their head office there.” said Sultan with a plain expression. He exited Lahore and his family to get the chance of joining Samaa which was a standout amongst the most watched directs in Pakistan. Samaa was a very surprising background for him with an assorted feel and delicate environment.

He was on obligation when one of the senior columnists Hamid Mir was shot. Sultan secured the live story alongside taking interviews from various investigators and studies. “I can’t clarify how I felt when soon after five months of working for Samaa, I got a call from Geo TV saying that they preferred the way I main stories and interview individuals obtusely.” He exchanged the channel in light of the fact that regardless of the boycott, Geo was still viewed by immense masses.

“I generally cherished the way Muhammad Junaid conveyed news and he happened to resemble a perfect writer to me yet I was sitting right next to him perusing news one fine morning.” said Sultan in an uproarious voice tasting his espresso. He advance clarified that news casters in this contemporary period are known to be journalists too since they no more perused gave scripts however they make stories their own particular self and sort out various kind of inquiries too to interview. When Sultan joined Geo, he confronted a significant ton of feedback by individuals of various kinds, even his companions. He took a murmur and proceeded with, “I was absolutely discouraged and frustrated that even my companions were bashing me nearby some Facebook Jihadees that I work for Geo and consequently I’m turned out to be a Jew or a RAW financed manikin that was clearly not genuine but rather was so uncomfortable!” It was a period when Geo required individuals like him so he stayed regardless of all the harassing and negative feedback. “I was doing what I cherished and I was happy with that. About the general population, despite everything they’ll still criticize regardless of what so I continued onward” he answered when he was asked about the reason of his stay in Geo.

He told that adjusting individual and private space is a significant bother since a journalist needs to work 24 hours a day; in office when he’s conveying news and at home when he’s reading news as quality homework. “This Geo fraternity is more similar to a family now and my partners are pretty much like my relatives so we as a rule go out for movies and dinners after work.” he said while advising in regards to his on holiday time. He is a flat out foodie and he run chasing for sustenance with mates while he’s not working but rather since he’s wellbeing cognizant as well and needs to look great on screen, his consistently visit in the gym is required. Sultan was sorrowed the he is not with his family on his birthdays, Eids and different events however he happily told that he can take an off to go through get-aways with his family consistently which he said was a “win win circumstance” for him. “When I called Pervaiz Rasheed as Sheikh Rasheed amidst an interview and he laughed so loud however I, by one means or another secured it by asking him the next question.” Replied Sultan when he was asked about anything witty he did on screen. Sultan told that many individuals have a misguided judgment about his less garrulous nature that he’s arrogant. “Ask my companions and they’d tell I never lose a shot making them giggle” he proceeded.

“Jo bhi kehtay hen dil me utar jata hai (whatever you say is perceived by the heart specifically) is the best compliment I ever had when I used to do a radio show around evening time while I was all the while working with Waqt” told Sultan with a chuckle. He advance proceeded with that he feels weak at the knees over night shows, not the political ones but rather shows like those of Jimmy Fallon and Ellen DeGeneres. “I see myself facilitating a comparative show in like ten years which will be pure entertainment” he concluded.

A profile feature of Abdullah Sultan.

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Buoyantly Chained.

“My maternal uncle asked me to sit in his lap while I craved for the candy in his hand and he started brushing his hand against my leg in a way that was awkwardly uncomfortable”, said Anjali in a slow yet harrowing voice on this warm May evening.

Anjali, previously Arif, was born into a below middle class Saraiki family in Rahim Yar Khan. The brother to five siblings, four sisters and one brother, Arif, five years of age, happened to be very jolly until one day while he was having a shower with the door unlocked, his elder brother Shariq, aged 19 accidently got into the washroom, glanced for a second or two, and ran outside. Later that day Arif’s father, Muhammad Shoaib got into Arif’s room and scrutinized that he’s not like Shariq, physically. Arif, the youngest child of his parents had no clue that he’s special and not like any of his siblings.

When asked to have water, Anjali’s voice started to tremble, maybe because it was a hot day or maybe because she was hiding storms inside her that were ready to hit the ships to heap them on one another. She gripped the bottle in no time and drank so much of water in a single breath. With the water bottle still in her hand, she spoke, “What was my fault that I had a fault in myself?”

Since Arif was their child, the youngest of all, Shoaib and Rafeya, Arif’s parents decided to keep him unlike other parents who disown theirs. As days passed, close relatives started to get an idea about Arif acting differently than most boys do. However, Arif swiftly became the favorite of his maternal as well as paternal uncles, he had no clue that he was being victimized and harassed by men he called ‘Chacha’ and ‘Maama’.

Eight years of age, Arif begun to understand things when one day his maternal uncle asked him to get in his lap if he wants the candy that uncle was carrying. He got in the lap at once like he did for the last few years, but when uncle started gently caresses Arif’s legs, the poor soul got down to brass tacks that it was not merely love in the uncle’s heart but the thirst as he gave a peck on Arif’s neck. It was so unusual and spooky that Arif cried for the whole night in his bed as if he has been raped by men. Arif parried all the molestation for years till one day, while he was standing near a vegetable vendor, a man grasped him so viciously that he was unable to move for a while. Arif decided to run away from the world of lusting men.

Anjali took a long pause. Her eyes were watery and her voice weepy. “All men are dogs”, she said, “Not just women but we are harassed by them too. How can a man molest someone who doesn’t even have any dignity?” she added. When asked about her statement about dignity, she replied, “When I ran away from my home and came here in Karachi, I was approached by a man who seemed helpful and he actually did. He took me to a colony of transgender human beings and left me there. I spent hours knocking every home if they have a place for me in their house and their family.” Anjali started whirling her hands trying to explain. She stopped crying. “Auntie Nargis called me Anjali”, she said as if she was relieved.

She further told that Nargis, a senior transgender, adopted her and she started living with her and seven others in a house of two floors, not very comfy and cozy, constituting of four rooms and a singular washroom and a kitchen. Anjali, Nargis and others living in the house starved to earn their bread and butter by dancing in weddings and other occasions and if they didn’t meet the required amount at end of the day, they usually went to different areas knocking doors, trying their luck. Anjali explains her life to be so sketchy that she can’t love and she can’t eat out with the family she posses. “I can’t experience basic things that normal people do”, she said as her voice shattered. Julie Anne Peters says, “Me? I had no dreams. No longings. Dreams only set you up for disappointment. Plus, you had to have a life to have dreams of a better life.”

The story of Anjali.

Written By, Syed Omer Nadeem.

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Quetta. .


Quetta bleeds once more. Severe this time.The city’s disaster appears to be endless; intensely mobilized, stringently watched, yet a consistent focus for all way of radical powers – ever more horrendous than the following.

60 young fellows bound to secure the city and territory later on, passed on unceremoniously in the night as vigorously outfitted suicide planes raged Quetta Police Academy, and our considerations and supplications are with their families. So desperate is the state of the city that the expression “Quetta attack” has lost its criticalness – it should be trailed by a place and date to indicate which catastrophe it is really alluding as well. Such a situation ought to put the administration and military foundation on high ready, and taking a gander at the whirlwind of movement that has taken after the attack it appears that it has.

Leader Nawaz Sharif and Chief of Army Staff (COAS)…

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Female education is essential for the development of a nation. This is mainly because women are involved in all sorts of activities both at a regional level and at the community level such as child bearing and household chores etc. Hence it is very important to provide quality education to women to help them contribute to the development of the nation in a meaningful way. Various studies show that women’s education is very important in order to improve the socio-economic position of their families. It is the inequality in access to education for female students that prevents them from obtaining the essential education necessary for their well being and their family’s development. The traditional thinking of many societies that women are just supposed to do the household work has contributed largely to the low levels of female education around the globe. It is seen however that the societies that have focused on providing better education to women have better indicators of social welfare. These societies for example have lower infant mortality rate apart from that the issue of lower fertility rates, also increased life expectancy, improved nutrition and most importantly better opportunities for their children. Other factors such as residential status and parent’s concern and attitude towards female students also plays an important role in improving the educational status of female students in any society. Parent’s level of education also has a direct impact on their daughter’s education. The link between the mother and daughter is the strongest. Poverty, parent’s professional status, lack of skilled teachers and lack of incentives such as scholarships for women, deprivation of parental care and proper educational policies affect the standard of female education. Thus Women’s education is a very important issue. Women who are educated can make profound choices in the matter of health, nutrition and basic upbringing of a child. There is great impact on infant mortality health, fertility, productivity and a child’s academic performance if women are educated.
In Every culture, the responsibility of the upbringing and nourishing of a child lies in the hands of the mother. Due to this responsibility the women’s education has gained quite an importance globally. Studies reveal that women’s education has strong implications on every aspect of a child’s upbringing and one of them is the child’s academic performance. Children of educated mothers are seen to have better academic performance as compared to children of less or uneducated mothers.
Educated mothers can help their children throughout their life, but most importantly they can help their children in their early days of education. They try to indulge their children in more productive educational activities apart from what they study at school. This enhances the child’s educational capabilities and helps them achieve success. According to a study an additional year of post compulsory schooling of a mother has a positive impact on their child’s academic performance i.e. mothers who stay in full time education beyond the minimum school leaving age are more likely to demonstrate positive educational attitudes and behaviours such as reading to their children.
“Higher education is consistently associated with a higher likelihood of marriage, whereas less education is associated with a higher likelihood of divorce”. Thus educated mothers tend to have more stable relationships and family status. This in turn affects their children’s academic performance. Children have a healthy environment to live in and thus can concentrate more on their studies and perform well. The flow of resources such as time, money and socio-emotional support etc from the mother to children is affected by this relationship status.
Marital and fertility patterns have been seen to change over the last few decades. Women who are more educated (college graduates) have been the least likely to get married and have children historically. Today however, the situation is changing and this marriage gap is eroding
The returns to marriage have changed. College educated women marry later, do not view marriage as a “financial security”, have fewer children and declining divorce rates since 1970’s as compared to women without college degrees. These factors help women to have a better and a healthier family life which in turn helps them in their Childs upbringing. The children of more educated women thus can focus more on their studies as they have a healthier environment to study in and so they perform well. A Mothers education influences a child mostly during the child’s early years of education (primary education). Educated mothers make their children spend more time in outdoor activities, reading etc and are concerned about their child’s progress at school and have expectations of the child’s future educational achievements .This encourages the child to focus more on his studies and enhances his capabilities.
Moreover there are substantial intergenerational returns to education. An additional year of a mother’s schooling makes a positive contribution to the Childs academic performance. It increases the Childs performance on a standardized math test by almost 0.1 of a standard deviation and reduces the incidence of behavioural problems especially for children aged 7-8.There are various channels that transmit the effect of maternal education to the child, including parental investments throughout different stages of a Childs life and family environment. Educated women tend to have a healthier home environment with better and more stable family lives which then contribute to their Childs educational excellence. Maternal education also reduces grade repetition and the incidence of behavioural problems. Educated mothers basically avoid early childbearing, are more likely to be married to educated men and tend to have higher incomes. Thus they can contribute in several ways to their Childs education for example through books, involving them in extracurricular activities or buying them a computer. This additional investment pays off in the form of improved child performance in all academic aspects of his life. Even if educated mothers work more they do not neglect their children as they are aware of the negative consequences of doing so.
Also educated mothers tend to spend more time with their children and their children tend to spend more time studying outside school thus there is a strong impact of maternal education on their child’s test scores. Educated mothers bring in more encouragement and ability for their children to succeed in life. Children of educated mothers are usually more confident, free from anxieties, ambitious, self reliant and more focused. It is seen that an increase in mother’s education leads to an increase in the students’ achievement at school .Those mothers who stayed on in education rather than just having the basic primary education can help their children in a better way. A direct relationship is seen between a mother’s education level and their child’s academic performance.
Traditionally it has been thought that an increase in investment in women’s schooling pays off in the form of increased schooling of the next generation. Some authors have a different view however. According to them the positive relationship between mother-child schooling can not entirely be considered true as it is somewhat biased upward due to the correlations between schooling and assortative mating and heritable “ability”. The other studies, they argue have not considered these factors and thus conclude showing a positive relationship between mother-child schooling and education. “An increase in the schooling of women does not have beneficial effects in terms of the schooling of children”. Increases maternal schooling and education instead makes the mothers concentrate less on their homes, family and specifically their children. It is emphasized that the time of the women is an essential factor in childbearing and thus women should concentrate more on their families and not on education. This, they argue will lead to a better academic future for their child. Better schooling of the mother however can improve a Childs health in certain situations. Basically the result of investing in women’s schooling requires attention to the role played by schooling in the labor and marriage market for women.
Literacy status of mothers also strongly affects the health and nutritional state of their children thus literate mothers can take better care of their child’s health and protect them against several diseases. With illiterate mothers however there are chances of children developing malnutrition especially children less than three years of age who are underweight. Malnutrition negatively affects the child’s academic performance. An educated mother takes better care of their Childs health and thus their child is more successful throughout his life. Although there is a positive correlation between a mother’s education and their Childs health some studies reveal that there is hardly any significant effect of a mother’s education on Childs health if mothers have got only primary education. Further it has been found that the first three years of mother’s education has no impact on the Childs health. The impact is seen after the first three years and the result is not linear in education. After 4 to 6 years of education, the magnitude of this effect becomes small but then again picks up after 1 years of education.
Nonetheless, some scholars do not completely support the correlation that there is a strong causal relationship between maternal education and child health. According to them this link has hardly been analyzed properly using the most appropriate statistical models. They are using the community-level fixed-effects models and thus argue “maternal education may be a proxy for the socioeconomic status of the household as well as for characteristics of the community of residence”. Therefore according to them there is a possibility that the positive relationship between maternal education and child health may be untrue. By controlling for a few socioeconomic variables the maternal education/child health link is seen to be weak. Three markers of child health namely infant mortality, immunization status and children’s height-for-age have been examined. Maternal education has a significant impact on height-for-age and infant mortality in only a few countries around the world. However on the other hand maternal education has a strong positive effect on children’s immunization status in about half of the countries of the world even after implementing the community and individual level controls.

Syed Muhammed Omer Nadeem

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Islamophobia or Inhumanity?

Rania El-Alloul,

I’ve gone through an extremely inhumane news lately and it was something like “Quebec judge wouldn’t hear case of woman wearing hijab”. I had nothing to say but my heart was howling in a manner it never cried before. Rania El-Alloul was jolted with fear when she went to the judge to get her car back which was confiscated from her son driving it under a suspended license. The judge Eliana Marengo asked El-Alloul to remove her scarf or appoint a lawyer in order to get her car back. When El-Alloul explained that she couldn’t afford a lawyer nor she can remove the scarf because its a part of her religion, the judge told her that she has to take a 30 minutes break and adjourned the case indefinitely leaving behind the lady who was afraid to even consider herself as a human being or rather a living thing. “I felt like I’m not a Canadian anymore” said El-Alloul in an interview and she told the interviewer about the absolute happiness and joy she felt when she first landed in Canada and she wore a scarf back then.
Back in the day we’ve heard that about a total of 1.5 Million people marched in Paris to show solidarity with the Charlie Hebdo workers who were killed. The reason of all these demonstrations and protests was bragging about the “FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION” that we can clearly see was totalled in this Montreal car case. Since dress is undoubtedly a source to express yourself in front of others, the act of Eliana Marengo must be considered as a crime against this freedom of expression and the world must gather in Quebec for the demonstrations and protests against this bestial act.
However this was such a condemnable step, no one will bat an eye on this issue because no Muslim was involved as a culprit. Just give a thought if a nun or a priest or some jewish rabbi would have came for their case, would the judge still had adjourned the case? Well never heard of it

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Read. Save your surroundings.

Read. Save your surroundings.
I grew up listening that books are the only best friends anyone could ever have and they stay loyal throughout even if you ain’t loyal to them. Books were considered as the primary source of knowledge but I grew up watching the source of knowledge being transformed too. We in modern day consider mobile phones, tablets, laptops etc as the necessities of life but we have gone really far flung from newspapers, books and other reading material. It is because we can watch live coverage of the news and we can watch a movie adapted from a novel and this technological paralysis goes on. A human being feels defenceless after technology in this era and it is just his own fault. He created gadgets so that he can preserve some time for his other work and his family but the gadget he made is now his God that did no welfare for him but made him an ultimate couch potato. As we see in the movies and documentaries west makes, the absolute reason for the growing obesity in USA along with different other fatal diseases is watching television or playing video games and eating seamlessly.
Reading books or anything else is actually considered as an exercise for your brain and your senses. You read and you understand and you search and you research and you struggle and you explore till you get the whole scenario in your mind. Apart from knowledge and information, the habit of reading can be vital for your vocabulary along with your writing and speaking power.
Since we are a developing nation and we do not consider ourselves as furthermost geniuses yet, its a blessing that there’s still a spark to learn left in the people of this country as far as I’ve observed. I will request my literate countrymen reading this letter to sustain this habit of reading and to urge your family and friends to do the same so that besides entertainment and enjoyment, we can have some intelligent intellectual bourgeois people in our surroundings as well. Start off with reading today’s newspaper and then try to start a novel. Challenge yourself and make a target for an amount of pages you will read and simply try to increase a page with time. Try writing summaries after reading and try different activities with your family or friends so that all of the people can get engaged in this healthy act.